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New Technology and Equipment Expands Capabilities for Custom Metal Fabrication

Posted by AME Inc. on 10/15/15 7:00 AM

custome_metal_fabricationSince its start as a small custom metal fabrication shop in support of AME's equipment and rigging efforts, the Fabrication Division of AME has grown immensely. This growth has been carefully controlled so that our core principles of quality workmanship and customer service would be maintained as the division grew. This is evidenced by the fact that our largest customer is also one of our oldest at over 35 years. This does not happen by accident. It is because of quality and good client relationships. These are old lessons learned that must be maintained and brought forward as we grow.

As the custom metal fabrication division has grown, we have embraced ways to improve quality while keeping costs competitive. This can be done in many ways, such as:

  • Material Management
  • Workflow Studies
  • Logistics
  • Technology

Technology can be the most costly of these options, however with new technology comes increased productivity and new revenue streams. Technology must be considered as an investment in the future of our business. The Fabrication Division is proud to announce the acquisition of our latest piece of technology for custom metal fabrication, a new Hydrocut 4000 that will replace our existing burn table. This new machine will allow for both water and plasma cutting with means of cutting a 10’ x 20’ pc of raw plate. This new machine will have far greater accuracy, reliability, and speed than our existing burn table.

This new technology will enable our Fabrication Division to expand upon our lessons learned about customer service by providing improved quality, expanded capabilities, and increase production. These will all help us to better serve our existing clients while adding new ones from our expanded capabilities.

As AME's Fabrication Division moves forward, we remember our lessons learned from the past while combining those with new custom metal fabrication technology to deliver a better product and service for our customers as we grow into the future.

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