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Document! Document! Document!

Posted by AME Inc. on 9/30/15 7:00 AM

Oh wait… don’t write that down. Did you document that? You wrote what? Where is your documentation? It gets so confusing to our supervisors and leaders as to what needs to be documented and what doesn’t. It is really simple … There are six main events that need to be documented.

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Old-Fashioned Organization and Housekeeping for Industrial Contractors

Posted by AME Inc. on 9/15/15 7:00 AM

I recall as a child the coolest place to be left alone for hours on end was the basement of my grandparents’ home. It was where my grandfather had established his “shop.” It was where all things made by hand could be made, where anything broke could be fixed, and where concept became reality; you just had to know where the tools and materials all were stored to get started. He built model planes, cars, boats, shelves, cabinets, soap box cars, rebuilt motors of all kinds, etc. He had the knack for building things that we as industrial contractors all possess at our core and he was highly organized.

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